• Browse the table, sort columns by clicking on their header or search using the search bar.
  • Click on TAB, or SHP of the Layer you want to download. A window should pop up.
  • Click on the Save button, locate your Hard drive and Folder where you want the file saved (write down this location).
  • Click Save.

Locate the file downloaded on your hard drive, >Double-click it, extract files (using compression program like WinZip) to a place on your computer’s hard drive where you want to store your maps. We suggest you create a folder C:\maps and save layer files there.

Suggested methods for storage of map files:

Each zip file will have between 3-6 files related to the GIS layer, the important file is the (TAB, or SHP) file depending on your GIS software. Also included is a data dictionary in Excel (XLS) file format which describes all of the data characteristics of the layer.

Disclaimer: This service has been started to facilitate public access to information. The files are offered “as is”; their accuracy is NOT warranted; and they come without any professional liability. The maps are for reference only and should not be considered to be of survey precision. None of the information is official source documentation. And, while considerable effort is made to verify the information, due to its volume and highly dynamic nature, only the official source documents should be used where accuracy, completeness and currency are required. Any and all data translation or reprojection is the responsibility of the recipient. It is advised that you independently verify important information directly with the appropriate agency. By clicking on our links, users accept these limitations and conditions.

Layer NameCategoryMapInfo TAB DownloadESRI Arc Shape DownloadSize ApproximatePosted Date
City of Detroit BoundariesCity BoundariesTABSHP11 KB9/19/2003
Wayne County City BoundariesCity BoundariesTABSHP62 KB10/10/2003
Macomb County City BoundariesCity BoundariesTABSHP30 KB10/10/2003
Oakland County City BoundariesCity BoundariesTABSHP88 KB10/10/2003
Detroit Roads MGF (Version 2; large file download)RoadsTABSHP3,481 KB10/10/2003
Detroit Street Labels (Freeways, Major, Secondary, and Local Labels)RoadsTABSHP298 KB8/21/2006
Detroit & Wayne County Roads MGF (Version 5; large file download)RoadsTABSHP8,911 KB8/21/2006
Wayne County Roads MGF (large file download)RoadsTABSHP7,297 KB10/10/2003
Macomb County Roads MGF (large file download)RoadsTABSHP3,242 KB10/10/2003
Oakland County Roads MGF (large file download)RoadsTABSHP6,770 KB10/10/2003
Detroit Street Repaving 2003-04RoadsTABSHP43 KB8/21/2006
Neighborhood Cluster 1Planning BasemapsTABSHP555 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 2Planning BasemapsTABSHP405 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 3Planning BasemapsTABSHP513 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 4Planning BasemapsTABSHP338 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 5Planning BasemapsTABSHP415 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 6Planning BasemapsTABSHP398 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 7Planning BasemapsTABSHP442 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 8Planning BasemapsTABSHP345 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 9Planning BasemapsTABSHP344 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood Cluster 10Planning BasemapsTABSHP261 KB10/10/2003
Future General Land Use (large file download)Master Plan: 1992 – 2008TABSHP3,601 KB8/21/2006
Planning SectorsMaster Plan: 1992 – 2008TABSHP24 KB9/19/2003
Planning SubsectorsMaster Plan: 1992 – 2008TABSHP39 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood ClustersMaster Plan 2009TABSHP25 KB8/21/2006
Neighborhood AreasMaster Plan 2009TABSHP42 KB8/21/2006
Future General Land Use (large file download)Master Plan 2009TABSHP3,517 KB8/21/2006
Future General Land Use LabelsMaster Plan 2009TABSHP84 KB8/21/2006
Passenger RailMaster Plan 2009TABSHP8 KB8/21/2006
Mass TransitMaster Plan 2009TABSHP140 KB8/21/2006
Non-Motorized (Conceptual)Master Plan 2009TABSHP10 KB8/21/2006
Police StationsPublic ServicesTABSHP5 KB8/21/2006
Fire StationsPublic ServicesTABSHP11 KB8/21/2006
Neighborhood City Hall OfficesPublic ServicesTABSHP3 KB10/10/2003
LibrariesPublic ServicesTABSHP8 KB8/21/2006
Parks and Recreation Department SitesPublic ServicesTABSHP56 KB8/21/2006
Detroit Public SchoolsPublic ServicesTABSHP83 KB8/21/2006
Other SchoolsPublic ServicesTABSHP23 KB8/21/2006
Colleges & UniversitiesPublic ServicesTABSHP10 KB8/21/2006
Medical Facilities in Southeast MIPublic ServicesTABSHP20 KB11/25/2003
Shopping Centers in Southeast MIPublic ServicesTABSHP37 KB11/25/2003
Historic SitesDistrictsTABSHP43 KB9/19/2003
Local Historic DistrictsDistrictsTABSHP99 KB8/21/2006
Neighborhood Enterprise Zones (NEZs)DistrictsTABSHP312 KB8/21/2006
Obsolete PropertyDistrictsTABSHP10 KB8/21/2006
Empowerment Zone (EZ)DistrictsTABSHP12 KB9/19/2003
Renaissance Zones (RZs)DistrictsTABSHP44 KB10/10/2003
Renewal CommunityDistrictsTABSHP10 KB9/19/2003
ONCR BoundariesDistrictsTABSHP17 KB10/10/2003
Building Permits 1995PermitsTABSHP895 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 1996PermitsTABSHP863 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 1997PermitsTABSHP1,205 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 1998PermitsTABSHP1,063 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 1999PermitsTABSHP1,205 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 2000PermitsTABSHP1,253 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 2001PermitsTABSHP1,147 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 2002PermitsTABSHP1,306 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 2003PermitsTABSHP1,296 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 2004PermitsTABSHP1,204 KB5/13/2005
Building Permits 1995 - 2004PermitsTABSHP11,059 KB5/13/2005
2000 Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP94 KB9/19/2003
2000 Block GroupsCENSUS 2000TABSHP187 KB9/19/2003
2000 Education by Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP108 KB9/19/2003
2000 Employment by Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP137 KB11/25/2003
2000 Foreign Born by Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP105 KB11/25/2003
2000 Households by Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP109 KB9/19/2003
2000 Housing Units by Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP111 KB11/25/2003
2000 Income by Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP108 KB11/25/2003
2000 Owner Occupied Housing Unit Value by Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP106 KB9/19/2003
2000 Population by Census TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP133 KB11/25/2003
2000 Households by Block GroupsCENSUS 2000TABSHP202 KB9/19/2003
2000 Housing Units by Block GroupsCENSUS 2000TABSHP198 KB9/19/2003
2000 Low and Moderate Income by Block GroupsCENSUS 2000TABSHP232 KB9/19/2003
2000 Population by Block GroupsCENSUS 2000TABSHP229 KB9/19/2003
Wayne County 2000 TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP300 KB10/10/2003
Macomb County 2000 TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP112 KB10/10/2003
Oakland County 2000 TractsCENSUS 2000TABSHP241 KB10/10/2003
Neighborhood ClustersCENSUS 2000, Neighborhood ClustersTABSHP24 KB9/19/2003
2000 Education by Neighborhood ClustersCENSUS 2000, Neighborhood ClustersTABSHP24 KB9/19/2003
2000 Households by Neighborhood ClustersCENSUS 2000, Neighborhood ClustersTABSHP24 KB9/19/2003
2000 Housing Units by Neighborhood ClustersCENSUS 2000, Neighborhood ClustersTABSHP25 KB9/19/2003
2000 Income by Neighborhood ClustersCENSUS 2000, Neighborhood ClustersTABSHP25 KB9/19/2003
2000 Occupied Housing Unit Value by Neighborhood ClustersCENSUS 2000, Neighborhood ClustersTABSHP25 KB9/19/2003
2000 Population by Neighborhood ClustersCENSUS 2000, Neighborhood ClustersTABSHP25 KB9/19/2003
1990 Census TractsCENSUS 1990TABSHP96 KB9/19/2003
1990 Block GroupsCENSUS 1990TABSHP214 KB9/19/2003
1990 Housing Units by Census TractsCENSUS 1990TABSHP106 KB9/19/2003
1990 Population by Census TractsCENSUS 1990TABSHP132 KB9/19/2003
Wayne County 1990 TractsCENSUS 1990TABSHP225 KB10/10/2003
Macomb County 1990 TractsCENSUS 1990TABSHP86 KB10/10/2003
Oakland County 1990 TractsCENSUS 1990TABSHP174 KB10/10/2003
1990 United Way Sub-CommunitiesFoundation Target AreasTABSHP41 KB9/19/2003
2000 United Way Sub-CommunitiesFoundation Target AreasTABSHP39 KB9/19/2003
LISC Strategic Investment AreasFoundation Target AreasTABSHP14 KB8/21/2006
Skillman Foundationメs Good NeighborhoodsFoundation Target AreasTABSHP12 KB8/21/2006
CRS Clusters 1997Community Reinvestment Strategy (CRS)TABSHP25 KB9/19/2003
Employment by 1997 CRS ClusterCommunity Reinvestment Strategy (CRS)TABSHP26 KB9/19/2003
1997 CRS Housing Condition Survey by 1990 Block GroupsCommunity Reinvestment Strategy (CRS)TABSHP228 KB9/19/2003
Detroit Rails MGFRailsTABSHP70 KB10/10/2003
Wayne County Rails MGFRailsTABSHP147 KB10/10/2003
Macomb County Rails MGFRailsTABSHP24 KB10/10/2003
Oakland County Rails MGFRailsTABSHP67 KB10/10/2003
Detroit Waterbodies MGF (Line & Polygon)WaterbodiesTABSHP32 KB10/10/2003
Wayne County Waterbodies MGF (Line & Polygon)WaterbodiesTABSHP308 KB10/10/2003
Macomb County Waterbodies MGF (Line & Polygon)WaterbodiesTABSHP335 KB10/10/2003
Oakland County Waterbodies MGF (Line & Polygon)WaterbodiesTABSHP1,183 KB10/10/2003
Flood Insurance Rate Maps, DetroitFIRMsTABSHP154 KB10/10/2003
Flood Insurance Rate Maps, Wayne CountyFIRMsTABSHP2,801 KB10/10/2003

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